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Josiah Mallory
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They Call me Josiah Mallory, But you know me as Pyro-tyrannus. Not much to Much to say, High-school senior. I love to draw Kaiju! Currently Getting more acquainted with Humans and paleo-Art. Also ADORE debating people, so bring it fools :devilish: :devilish:
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I am back! I know I've been gone for a while. but now I am back and I am going to jump right back into my kaijuverse as my main focus.I am going to reverse my early decision of scrapping most of my kaiju. i will keep most of them but are getting scrapped. those kaijus are
Chimera-Gonna scrap this girl because... well let me be honest. she is garbage. a two headed dragon with a lion head and a crocodile head is hardly a kaiju.
Stetloch- well  the reason for his scrapping is i want to go with something a bit smaller and Stetloch is just a brick wall. there isn't really any way i could have him be a viable opponent for anything else
Archangel: when i designed him i loved him. now he just feels like a kong rip-off to me.
King Ikaratnros- the most notable of these scrappings. i am getting rid of him because he is just the typical "evil clone brother bad guy" and to be honest. this "uber evil, sadistic demon looking bad guy" trop is played out  to the max. like 3 kaijuverses  don't have that trope and i don't want to be one that does.
Each of these kaijus will be replaced with something that is going to be better and more creative than these guys.
Grant Hedersette {{Updated}}
Name:  Grant Finnegan Hedersette
Age: 38
Species: Human
Occupation:Hermit /Salvager
Weapons of choice: Possess  an Alien rifle with a bayonet and other modifications. A six inch dagger which  he ''Found'' on an abandoned battle field
Personality: Smart-ass, sarcastic, surprisingly intelligent, Loving at times, internally a good guy, can be a bit pompous,often ignores others, Extremely dedicated to his task, a bad case of social Anxiety,horribly blunt
Bio: Born 8 Years  before the Eternity war reached earth Grant was once a happy boy.The death of his grandmother took him to a dark place where he tends to bury his real feelings. After the invasion Began,Grant was forced from his home in western New York as the antaraxxean forces drew closer. Having only a short period of time to leave, he grabbed a few items which meant the most to him including an urn that contained his Grandmothers the Ashes. As he matured he made a vow to honor his Grandmothers last wishes to have her ashes spread in her home town of Arkansas whhich proved to be difficult with most of the world in complete ruin. In Grants possession he has an Krinoan Energy Rifle which he  Added a rather large Bayonet Knife on it. While salvaging what ever he can,Grant Is  also always be on the look out for the Antaraxxean patrols that scouring  planet for Human resistance camps, such as the one he lived in most of his adolescent life, So to help Him spot The occasional patrol Grant has adopted  an orphaned krell Lizard. Krells Are large Iguana /Komodo dragon like reptiles that are very hard to tame. With the company of His reptilian pet, Grant Travels What is left of the World Just Trying To complete his quest.
Whoot! this was a fun one to draw! grant has now been perfected. glad to say that his is pretty balance
and wont end up  just another Mary sue! If you haven't already guessed Grant is heavily based on myself. so some
of the things in the bio are True to myself.
Grant belongs to me. please do not use with out my permission
You heard hear folks i am going back to square one!
...well more like step three.....
gonna do a heavy rewrite  on my story concept itself and the story a rewrite....
a  complete redoing of my kaiju list.
Drell worm,Tyros, Argentilodon will stay for sure.
Everyone else is subject to drastic change and even deletion  so stay tuned.
going to stay on my art break for a little while more
Godzilla revenge of monsters will be on hold for a bit when i come back to get back to working on my Kaiju and the story elements.
hopefully these improved/new kaiju;s backstories and stuff are cool
  • Listening to: Moana-Shiny
  • Reading: The Whoniverse
  • Watching: some good ol' blazing saddles
  • Playing: Gears of war 4
  • Eating: noodles
  • Drinking: water
Official Tyros Bio

Eons ago, When the universe was still relatively new, two Mighty species, the Krinoans of Kallibraxos and The Antaraxxeans of Aspindia, became locked in a violent conflict with each other. A terrible war that had been fought since the beginning of the universe and cost the lives of Hundreds of billions of innocent people, without anyone really remembering what the first spark of the deadly feud was anymore. The Antaraxxeams had ever so slowly started to gain the upper hand and forced the Krinoans back to their home planet where they took on a desperate defensive position as they were ruthlessly Battered by their enemy’s immense battle-fleet. It would seem as if the long war between these two species would finally come to an end with the Antaraxxeans emerging as the victors.

Until “He” was Created.

Tyros, loosely translated as “Apex Destroyer” in the language of its creators, was the Krinoan’s last hope of survival. In secret, their greatest scientists had fought a desperate battle against time in order to develop the most powerful weapon in their long history in order to grant them the power needed for them to win. And They succeeded. The Krinoans had no chance against the awesome might of the Antaraxxean Fleet. But with Tyros at the head of their forces they proved victorious. The android Menace that had nearly Annihilated the Krinoans had no idea how to stop the Rampaging Titan that had been unleashed upon them and it effortlessly tore its way through their armies as its prime directive echoed in its fine tuned brain; “Eliminate all Threats ”. Only one of the Antaraxxeans battle ships managed to escape But that wasn’t enough. It wasn’t until after Pushing the antaraxxean forces off their planet that they understood what kind of Power that they had set loose upon the universe. Once Tyros had completely destroyed the Majority Antaraxxean Armada it set its Green glowing eyes on its creators.

 After having been nearly completely annihilated by their own creation, they managed to finally stop Tyros by sending him into an artificial Hibernation. They then trapped him within a spacecraft and sent it towards their sun in an attempt to destroy him. However, Due to an error in the spacecrafts A.I , the giant spacecraft that contained the Titan was forced off course, and for several millenia it peacefully drifted through the blackness of space. It would seem as if Krinoan's frightening creation would remain in blissfull stasis, kept away from the world..... until it finally crash landed on a Newly formed Earth.

Height: 95 meters
Length: 150 meters
Weight: 80,000 tons

Weapon(s): Powerful Solar fire that is hot enough reduce most organic matter to smoldering piles of ash, Strong claws that can slash through the hull of an imperial-class starship, Powerful tail with a deadly thagomiser at the end to deliver deadly blows to enemies, Mouth full of teeth with a bad attitude, he can fire a plume of smoke out of his ventilation
 ports that act as a shield in dire situations so he can escape

Personality: While not feeling hate for Humanity, Tyros has begun to incur his wrath on humans for their attack on him when he first surfaced from his hibernation. Attacking Anything that is a threat to himself Tyros is the Ultimate Weapon.

whoo. i am glad i got this bad boy done!
The OFFICIAL bio to Tyros..... Now i am going to do a battle picture and then i will get back to the Godzilla stuff
oh and let me know what you all think.
Tyros,Krinoans,Antaraxxeans, Kallibraxos,Aspindia(c)Me



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