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Josiah Mallory
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They Call me Josiah Mallory, But you know me as Pyro-tyrannus. Not much to Much to say, High-school senior. I love to draw Kaiju! Currently Getting more acquainted with Humans and paleo-Art. Also ADORE debating people, so bring it fools :devilish: :devilish:
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Well i am at that magical stage in my Art Career friends. I am officially sick of drawing kaiju!!
Now that doesn't mean that i am going to quit  kaiju forever ((farthest thing from it actually)) But i will be taking a hiatus from drawing them.
While on Hiatus i will be working on several things:
1.)My Novel: I am going to be writing alot more for my novel so i can get it off the ground and into something decent
I don't  know if anyone actually wants to have updates and previews of it ((tell me in the comments)) But i will be willing to  show this to  a select group of people. they know who they are
2.) A super secret project that Only one person knows about... all i can say is that it will be Awesome!

Now this is where you guys come in because i need stuff to draw to keep this page busy!!
 Now i'm pretty much down to try and draw anything but do keep in mind I am a pretty basic  artist  so nothing to complicated ((I.e: "I want my character fighting this guy while in space doing trapeze jungle gym kung fu while making toast on  a train")). if i get anything like that the sender might get a cursing out.
I am up to try   soft background but again nothing to complicated. I will be open to real world thing like Neanderthals,Mammoths,and stuff like that. Landmarks are acceptable as well. and so are political figures.  Now for the two biggest rules
NO KAIJU! seriously i am done with kaiju for a while. so don't even think of asking.
This isn't just  an opportunity to get free drawings. the suggestions have to peak my interest so try and be creative!!

While i will be accepting  Oc's and their respective  universes minus kaiju, There are certain Universes that i do like so here is of shows that will almost certainly accepted
Avatar the last airbender
Legend of Korra
Steven Universe ((no monster fusions like malachite or alexandrite please))
Doctor who ((like anything suggested from this show will probs be drawn))
Jurassic park and what not.
That's it for now. oh and do me a favor Try to mix it up. if you see that people have requested a little Doctor who Art then please try and go  with something else
So  lay it all on me! and please feel free to get this journal out there! would be nice to get some new faces
  • Listening to: Steven Universe sound track
  • Reading: The Whoniverse
  • Watching: some good ol' blazing saddles
  • Playing: Gears of war 4
  • Eating: noodles
  • Drinking: water
This basically gives you an idea on my mood today
Artblock and  Just bored So give me some ideas on head shots or something to draw!! and
i'll pick the ones that stand out!
But this time with a catch: *Ahem* NO KAIJU SUGGESTIONS! currently working on something big that is kaiju related so
headshot thing is only to keep me active and practicing
The Worm
" Hungry"

all Words used to describe the Drell worm when It first emerged  in the grand canyon.

While the Drell emerged from within the earth,it is not a creature of this world. The Drell is one of few kaiju that where not created. rather The drell worm is a creature from a far off jungle planet  on the other side of the universe. Taken from it's home planet as a hatching, The Drell was trained to act as a guard dog  when conducting planetary operations. While conducting a planetary analysis of earth 75 million years ago a small group of  antaraxxean soldiers consisting of 3 drones and the drell, the  scouting party was attacked by a group of Tyrannosaurus Rexes   hunting as a pack. While able to overtake the Drones they were no match for the ravenous larvae . After the attack ((and feast)) The drell was stranded.

With no one to give it orders, and no one to transport it off world the drell Lived out the rest of its larvae stage until it was time for him to unde go the  changes  to  his final stage in life. Burrowing deep down into the earths  crust ((where the grand canyon would eventually form)) the Drell began its multi millennia long hibernation. awaiting to awaken as a full grown specimen.

During the summer of 2017 seismic activity in Arizona was on the rise. No one knew the cause of the sudden tectonic action. Then on July 17th The Drell awoke from his slumber and exploded from the ground within the grand canyon. Extremely disoriented by the brightness of the sun upon his awakening  The drell worm destroyed everything in his path. killing dozens of tourists. as he regained  bearings of his surroundings he  began heading towards phoenix. with what looked like a major earthquake heading towards the city many people evacuated but most of the city decided to stay  and ride the disaster out. unfortunatley  this mistake cost the life of  little over a million people. After the the devastation and destruction the drell worm left the city of phoenix in a state of ruin with  the survivors left in a state of loss of panic and sorrow.

Height (Reared up):85 meters
length: 250 meters
weight:93,000 Tons

Weapon(s)/abilities: three long tongues which he uses to  wrap his prey up and pull it into his mouth.  very flexible tri-jaw which grants him the ability to sink more of his teeth into opponents and prey. His saliva is acidic so he can dissolve his prey and drink the remains. able to tunnel undetected under cities making him an expert in sneak attacks. his  first set of  power full legs could  be used to give him a better grip on opposing kaiju.

personality: while being an alien species makes him different than other  genetically engineered kaiju, The Drell is full capable of holding his own. being used as a guard dog the Drell is strongly alligned with his antaraxxean masters meaning he has a strong  lack of emotion towards other lifeforms. while not a particularly a smart kaiju , The drell has a unique ability to sense intelligence in other species and knows the ranges of human intelligence.being trained to have no remorse or empathy the Drell simply does not care.
Another kaiju bio done!
here we see the Drell worms final Form
do not use design with out permission
critiques are welcome
Y'know that rumbling under your feet?  that ain't no subway... something BIG is coming.....


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